Well hello…

OK, what do I do now? Say something witty, hmmm,well after a day marking exams that’s unlikely. So, who am I? I’m a single mum to a gorgeous and energetic toddler who is allergic to animal dairy products and loves helping me make cakes so long as she can lick the spoon afterwards.  By day (and sometimes night) I’m a psychology lecturer (Dr Vanessa Parson if you’re bored and want to Google….), by night (and sometimes by day) I’m a musician and wannabe writer, so clearly writing a blog is something I have time for.  In my ‘spare’ time I occasionally attempt to clean the house, it never goes well and I usually find something more interesting to do.

What will you find on here? Some ramblings about single mummyhood and recipes, mostly. I tend to improvise with recipes a lot, partly to make sure they’re dairy free so my daughter can eat them, and partly as I get bored following instructions and ad lib a lot. I’ve also got friends who are gluten free so I do variations for them too. All cakes here are tried and tested on my reliable friends inside and outside university.


Panda cake for L’s 2nd birthday – chocolate brownie cake

As you can see I bring out the decorating attempts for L’s birthdays.  I was reasonably happy with the panda cake last year, I did a Peppa Pig cake (naturally) this year, but it looked a tad demented to be perfectly honest, hence I’ve not added a photo.

I am trying to reduce sugar a bit, but refined sugar only so I’m currently experimenting with using honey a lot – more on that in a later post.  One thing my recipes will not be is fat free, that’s just a step too far – I’ve never eaten a fat-free cake I enjoyed and one of the key components to making a cake work properly is the fat content. If you’re going to eat cake then it should be enjoyed, otherwise there’s no point frankly. Preferably with a big mug of tea.

You’ll also find some ramblings about what I do in my day-job.  I love psychology and so I’ll share everything that I find interesting.  I’m a perception geek, but I’m also interested in technology, learning and music – I’m just going to write about what I find interesting and hopefully some of it will be of interest to you.

So, don’t expect the posts to be frequent but hopefully you will find some recipes which inspire you to bake.



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